Unity Basics: Animating Sprites

The easiest way to animate a game is to use sprites and animate them. To animate sprites, you must first create a prefab by moving one of your sprites into the hierarchy window and then dragging it into the project window. Once you have your prefab ready, you can start animating it.

Click on the prefab, add an animation window to the panel, and create the animation.

Save it in the Animation folder and give it a name related to the prefab feature. In my case, it will be Speed Powerup.

The next step is to animate the sprites. Click on the record button and move all the sprites you will be using to animate into the Animation window.

Stop the record button and that’s it, your animation is done.

With a few clicks, you can animate sprites in Unity easily.



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Damian Dąbrowski

Hi, I’m Damian, a Unity Software Engineer who loves building education and simulation games.