Unity Development: When the Game Starts to Be a Game

Game programming is quite a long process. From the idea to the final project can take months or even years. Designing a game is good to start with a prototype, this will help to determine the mechanics of the game and possibly check whether the target group will be interested in the project.

While working on a prototype, we don’t see the full spirit of the game yet. Only after integrating the graphic part, we start to feel its atmosphere and see in which direction we will further develop our game.

It’s good how our idea starts to look like a real video game, even if it only contains one level and a few functionalities. This gives us further motivation to work on the game.

Programming the game and its functionality should be broken down into very small steps and implemented step by step. Each step developed in general and only then in more detail in several approaches.

The most important thing is that once the game starts to be a game, programming starts to be a pleasure because apart from writing code, we have to test newly added features by playing our game.

Hi, I’m Damian, a Unity Software Engineer who loves building education and simulation games.