Unity Post Processing: Bring your game to AAA status!

Just a few post-processing effects can completely change the look and feel of our game. Let’s try out two effects that can add a nice look to the game.
The Bloom effect is nice to add some light to our scene. It is a fairly easy to configure.

Color Grading is a really powerful effect, but if you would like to take advantage of tonemapping, you need to make some changes to your project settings before you start using it. Under Build Settings / Project Settings you should change the Color Space to Linear.

Next, you can start manipulating the Color Grading presets. Set the Tonemapping mode to ACES and start playing with the Temperature and Hue settings.

With these two effects, you can really enhance the look of your game, depending on the impression you want to achieve. You can add some warmth to your game if you are using a lot of lights, or make it cold if you want your game to have a creepy feel. Try it out, play around with the presets until your game gets a professional look.



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